Why, How & What

All the best for all

Why are we doing it

The purpose

A shift to sustainability is needed on every sector and indeed consumers are the market. Therefore, we are focusing to change consumption model of society by providing a solution to battle many problems. Local consumption is the game changer if done sustainably.

We can reduce energy consumption, waste, pollution, unnecessary packagings and keep about 68% of cash flow within local economy as well as empowering the local producers and creating jobs.

Why should we purchase a product that traveled a long distance while available at the local market ? No longer it’s difficult to access local products. It goes without saying, Local products come with higher transparency of resources how has been produced or grown.

How are we doing it

The mission

We provide online access to local products

Consumers can save time by shopping online and find a wide range of high quality local products in eco-friendly packages.
We created a marketplace platform for local producers where they meet our growing online market of local consumers. We give a free online store and deliver the orders on-demand.

Our local producers can benefit from our marketing advantages as well as customer service and delivery solution. ZERO cost, more revenue and visibility.
Our online marketplace is fully automized and user-friendly. Our vendors can get a free online shop to list their products and start selling online with only few clicks. No need of paying for IT services to build and maintain an online shop for their business.

What are we doing

The products

Buy and sell local products in eco-friendly packages

Buy online fresh harvest of organic vegetables and fruits from local farms, organic eggs, honey, several varieties of drinks and handmade natural cosmetics. We deliver to our consumers high quality seasonal produce in plastic-free and zero-waste packaging. our unique sustainable packaging solution is biodegradable, 100% plant-based, vegan, made of leaves woven by women in developing country and fair-trade.

Why, How & What
Why, How & What
Why, How & What