Aromatherapy candles collection



The perfect gift box for your aromatherapy and Ayurveda enthusiast friend. With it she can discover 4 different scents to use in her daily meditation or yoga practice or during a relaxing bath. It comes in a beautiful box decorated with flowers and contains 4 votives of 70gr each in the following scents:

• Purify : Clary sage scented soy candle, perfect all year round – during hot Summer or in Winter to purify and refresh your home ready for a new beginning

• Energy: thanks to the presence of sandalwood, cinnamon and eucalyptus, the Energy candle will balance excessive kapha dosha, that brings heaviness, laziness and excess mucous.

• Peace: with chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint and sandalwood, the Peace candle will balance excess pitta dosha that bring irritability, anger, impatience, judgment, criticism, and jealousy.

• Sweet Dreams: with lavender and chamomile falling asleep has never been sweeter.


4 Frosted votives 4oz +100 Hour Burn Time circa

Vegan / Natural Soy Wax / Phthalate Free
Hand-Poured in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg