What are the conditions of selling on Happy Local ?

Selling condition & information

Selling on Happy Local is FREE of charge for the producers/vendors.

You can get an online store, list your product, benefit from our delivery service, add to your visibility and revenue. All of our services are accessible free of charge.
Our marketplace works commission based. Once a consumer buy your products, they are going to pay the service fees and that will be add to the price you set for your product.
If you set 10€ for your product, then you will receive 10€ for selling your product. we will get our commission from the purchaser/consumer.

The commission fee of fresh vegetables and fruits varies between a minimum of 15% to maximum 30% depending to the location and conditions of pickup.

List of commissions:
Baskets of fresh vegetables and fruits: 15% - 25%
Customizable baskets: 25% - 30%
Drinks: 25% - 30%
Other categories: 20% to 30%

First 10 vendors will benefit from 5% discount of service commission.

Deliveries are distance based or FREE.

All the deliveries are free of charge at the moment but we will add more delivery methods such as same day delivery in the future after finding our suitable logistic center. Those same day deliveries will be radius distance based.

Happy Local is an on demand marketplace which means we avoid stocking products to reduce waste. Our business model is such that you will get ordering during the week and we will deliver at the end of the week, currently our only delivery slot is Fridays.
We will have basket subscription for 2021, such that you can predict how much you will need to harvest and this method aims to reduce your waste by giving you possibility of safe harvest. For example we will tell you that we have subscription of 20 baskets for 2 months every week, then you can predict how much need to harvest.

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