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About Happy Local
About Happy Local
Happy Local is a mobile platform that favors farmers who produce local products and help to distribute to the local consumers in the spirit of promoting local production.
We focus on organic, plastic-free and zero waste for a better consumption in order to take care of our planet and secure a better future for the children.
Consumers are choosing to buy locally more and more, whether it is in their own city on a daily basis or while traveling abroad.
Local producers urgently require support and our solution helps to increase their visibility, revenue and providing better transparency of food resources. We are trying to solve their problem. Access to the farm were never easier for the consumers.
Consuming local products has many social, financial and environmental advantages: it encourages local economy, helps create jobs, preserves heritage, reduces carbon footprints of food transportation, reduces food waste of supermarkets and keeps the cash flow within the local economy. Locally produced products have more transparency of resources and much more.
Our startup is empowered by University of Luxembourg and is located in the Incubator, University of Luxembourg in Belval.
Let's make it happen, be a part of the solution.
Why Choose us
Natural taste, healthy and well ripen


Local taste

Local products are ripen well before harvest and therefore taste better



No need for packaging, we practice Zero-waste and Plastic-Free


Local food benefits the environment

Transporting food over long distances generates significant amount of carbon dioxide emissions and food waste

About Happy Local


Always fresh

Local products always harvest fresh and do no need to be frozen for surviving the long distance shipping!


Transparency & traceability

if you know where your food comes from, how it grew and who produced it, that creates a feeling of trust and connectedness. it turn every meal into a unique event

The crew

He studies IT in the University of Luxembourg, meanwhile trying to become a young software entrepreneur who aiming to connect nature and technology using his computer science knowledge for creating sustainable solution to tackle the problems of modern world. He spend his time and energy on aspiration of protecting our beloved planet for well being of everyone living on it and improving quality of life.

He's developing this idea from a seed to hopefully one day a tall Sequoia, so all planet will benefit of that. therefore, happy local will be improved to push it boundaries and expand the activities by localizing in different countries.

Looking forward to cooperate with likewise spirits!


Founder, CEO/CTO

About Happy Local
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