Sustainable Fashion: Circular Fashion, a good trend…

Sustainable Fashion Circular Fashion

What is Fashion today? A cheap piece of clothing overpriced to a non-affordable degree? A fast produced article which can’t remain even on wardrobe for a couple years? Made of synthetic material, neither good for you and nor for the others?

The fast fashion, consumerism and financial profit are destroying fashion and we are making too much trash by not choosing circular model for production.

Pretty models, ugly fashion!

The solution is sustainable fashion. Sustainable Fashion or Circular Fashion is a new term recently being used since sustainability and green lifestyle becoming more and more important.

Natural materials such as organic hemp or cotton, detailed works, recycled/upcycled material, plastic-free and many other eco-friendly new fashion trends are the way we will see in the future fashion goes.

Catwalks of sustainable fashion, made by best fashion designers who are flag holders on frontline of sustainability path.

We support that vision and our sustainable fashion category on marketplace is made for such designers. Local artists who come up with their futuristic designs and showing concern about consumers and sustainability for future generations.

Our fashion category has been launched in 2024 and we are looking forward to local fashion designers to join us. Register and sell online your artworks in sustainable fashion category of marketplace.