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The sellers Q&A guide
Find below the answers to frequently asked questions

How to change the language?

You can change the language at the end of all pages, on top of footer. Please click here to see how to change the language.

Who is a vendor ?

Vendors are theΒ sellerΒ of marketplace who sell products on Happy Local.

How does it work ?

You need to sign up for becoming a vendor and we will verifying your shop to allow you add product.

By signing up you need to tell us about your information for further contacts. We will reply to your request very quick within 48h and you can have your online store on our local marketplace totally free of charge and advertise your products, add to your visibility and revenue by selling on Happy Local. We allow our vendors to set their price since our concept is based on free-market philosophy. We take care of your deliveries. Customers can pickup free of charge from you. We will have different delivery options to offer.

Our concept is on-demand order. you will receive the orders and then we will receive from you to deliver on the delivery day. currently the only delivery slot is Fridays but we will add another delivery slot soon.

How am I going to get paid?


Do not worry at all. Customers will always pay before delivery of products and you get paid by us when you request withdraw of your sales.

We send your the money within 48h of working day after your request. You can choose between bank transfer, PayPal or Payconiq.

Just let us know and we transfer your earning.

Sell online safe with Happy Local even when you are sleep or in holiday!


You can send us an email to [email protected] and we transfer your earning within 2 working day.

You can also use the withdraw option on seller dashboard. Just click on the button and send us a request.

What are the selling conditions?

You can REGISTER for an online store to list your products and earn online with us, benefit from our delivery service, marketing and customer service. Add to your visibility and revenue without any investment. It’s free to join us and list your products. Give it a try!

Our marketplace works commission based. Pay only on your earning without any prior fees.

The commission to sell on Happy Local and benefit from all of our services is onlyΒ 10% of your sales. The commission covers all costs of using our platform such as payment fees. So if you set 10 EUR price for a product, then you will receive 9.00 EUR. Therefore, we recommend you to take into account the commission when setting the price of your products on Happy Local. (Set the price 11.00 EUR for receiving 10 EUR)

Deliveries are based on distance. We will pickup from your distribution location and do the deliveries to customers shipping address.

Happy Local is an on-demand marketplace which means we avoid stocking products. Our business model is such that you will get the orders during the week and we will do deliveries on schedule. If your pickup location is out of our shipping zone, you can send the product by post and receive shipping cost compensation.

Our marketplace is eco-friendly and we try to reduce our environmental footprint to minimum. Our deliveries are on-schedule and based on shortest path to reduce energy consumption.

we also don’t use any plastic packagings and practicing zero-waste delivery. please avoid using plastic wraps and packaging, unless they are made of bio material.

What are the products terms and conditions?

Happy Local Marketplace is an eco-friendly platform and we have high standards to achieve our goals for sustainability.

  • Meat products and trade of animals are prohibited
  • Plastic packaging for food products is prohibited
  • Unrecycled plastic packaging for non-food products isΒ prohibited
  • The retail sale of goods not manufactured or packaged in Luxembourg is prohibited
  • Tobacco products is not prohibited

Where can i register ?

Click here to register your shop to add your products.Β 

What is the next step after register of my shop?

You need to wait for approval. It may take up to 48 hours but normally you get approved within 24h (working day).
The approval is required to avoid spam and fraud by confirming your identity.


After approval you can login to seller dashboard and add your products. They will be available on the marketplace for purchase right after you have added them.

How to access my account ?


When you received the activation email of your shop, you can click here or on the top right side and then enter your Email address and password to login.

How to set delivery price? How to find Seller Dashboard?

after successfully logged in your account you will see your dashboard which contain information of your shop and tools you can use for running your shop. You can set the delivery price on dashboard or click here, you can also find many other useful setting on your dashboard. See this step-by-step guide “> How to set your shipping fee if you offer shipping for your store ?”.

You can edit information of your shop, add profile picture and bank account information for withdraw, connecting your paypal, adding or editing products, creating coupon (discount voucher) for your customers and much more.

How to add a new product ?

You can click on add product and enter the title on the top and describe your product below. There are different payment options you can set for each product such as subscription, varieties of size, selecting your available delivery slots and much more advance tools for improving SEO of your product to become top on google search engine results.

But it’s not necessary to fill all that yourself from beginning.. we can help you setup your shop as well. Let us know what you need, give us the information and wait in the queue until your product get listed. However, you can accelerate by adding the information, pictures and price on the marketplace and then we modify for perfection.

How to change my information ?


Go to your dashboard panel and click on setting

Here you can define different setting rules for your products in shop and change payment information, changing information of your shop and some more.

See your shop dashboard

Login to website for accessing the vendor(seller) dashboard. You need to registerΒ before if you haven’t registered your shop yet. ThereΒ you find useful information about your sales and orders as well as possibility to manage your inventory (add/edit/delete products).


Why choosing us ?

Because we care about you. it doesn’t matter who you are, seller or buyer. We care about you as much as we do for the world. Because we believe that we are all one. We sharing one house thats called mother earth, our home! that gives birth to all of its children and feeds them air, water, food from its holly soil which create life nonstop in different forms. She protects us and we may protect our only planet or better say ourselves.

You deserve the best. We strive to provide you the best by selecting each part of our business activity consciously whenever we make a decision. This fundamental element of our concept will never change, we are green and everyday practice greener. We cut off plastic totally by using environment-friendly packages and practice zero-waste. Our products are all vegetarian and mostly vegan since our concept is green and we try to raise public awareness about plant-based consumption and eco-friendly lifestyle. Join us on Instagram, Twitter and sign up to our newsletter. we promote consuming local for many great benefits such as food traceability, local economy empowerment, environmental sustainability, protecting and creating jobs, fresh quality and many more reason.
Our fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits are Bio and certificated, you can find the certification references on products pages. we suggest you try liking their weird shapes and look because thats a confirmation for natural food.

Someone once said “if you find an insect in your vegetables be happy because that confirm their quality since other creatures also eat that. Trust your food”. Although, we hope that won’t happen often to you to see your vegetables are eaten by insects but if you found one, feel lucky. That’s the certificate of nature and much more worthy than any other label.