Vendor guide

Who is vendor ?

A vendor is seller who provides the products on Happy Local.

How does it work ?

You need to sign up for becoming a vendor and we will verifying your shop to allow you add product.

By signing up you need to tell us about your information for further contacts. We will reply to your request very quick within 48h and you can have your online store on our local marketplace totally free of charge and advertise your products, add to your visibility and revenue by selling on Happy Local. We allow our vendors to set their price since our concept is based on free-market methodology. We take care of your deliveries free of charge at the moment. You can deliver to your customers for free or let them to come and pick-up at a local pick-up point in the future as well. We will have different delivery options to offer such as express delivery based on distance of shop to customers.

Our concept is on-demand order. you will receive the orders and then we will receive from you to deliver on the delivery day. currently the only delivery slot is Fridays but we will add another delivery slot soon.

How are the selling conditions ?

Selling on Happy Local is FREE of charge for the producers/vendors.

You can get an online store, list your product, benefit from our delivery service, add to your visibility and revenue. All of our services are accessible free of charge.
Our marketplace works commission based. Once a consumer buy your products, they are going to pay the service fees and that will be add to the price you set for your product.
If you set 10€ for your product, then you will receive 10€ for selling your product. we will get our commission from the purchaser/consumer.

The commission fee of fresh vegetables and fruits varies between a minimum of 15% to maximum 30% depending to the location and conditions of pickup.

List of commissions:
Baskets of fresh vegetables and fruits: 15% – 25%
Customizable baskets: 25% – 30%
Drinks: 25% – 30%
Other categories: 20% to 30%

First 10 vendors will benefit from 5% discount of service commission.

Deliveries are distance based or FREE.

All the deliveries are free of charge at the moment but we will add more delivery methods such as same day delivery in the future after finding our suitable logistic center. Those same day deliveries will be radius distance based.

Happy Local is an on demand marketplace which means we avoid stocking products to reduce waste. Our business model is such that you will get ordering during the week and we will deliver at the end of the week, currently our only delivery slot is Fridays.
We will have basket subscription for 2021, such that you can predict how much you will need to harvest and this method aims to reduce your waste by giving you possibility of safe harvest. For example we will tell you that we have subscription of 20 baskets for 2 months every week, then you can predict how much need to harvest.

Our concept is sustainable and we try to reduce our environmental footprint to minimum. Therefore we don’t use any plastic packagings and practice zero-waste. You can read more here about it to know why.



How to access my account ?


When you received the activation email of your shop, you can click here or on the top right side and then enter your Email address and password to login.


Where can i register ?


after successfully logged in your account you will see your dashboard which contain information of your shop and tools you can use for running your shop.

You can edit information of your shop, add profile picture and bank account information for withdraw, connecting your paypal, adding or editing products, creating voucher for your customers and much more.


How to add a new product ?

You can click on add product and enter the title on the top and describe your product below. There are different payment options you can set for each product such as subscription, varieties of size, selecting your available delivery slots and much more advance tools for improving SEO of your product to become top on google search engine results.

How to change my information ?


Go to your dashboard panel and click on setting

Here you can define different setting rules for your products in shop and change payment information, changing information of your shop and some more.

How do i get my money ?


It depends if you prefer to access the vendor panel or not.

If you don’t want the access to vendor dashboard, then we can send the money from your shop manually to your account by letting us know. otherwise you can withdraw anytime from  your account simply by requesting from the vendor dashboard and it will be in your account within 24h of working day after your request. you can set a withdraw date such as every week or ever month as well. It is also possible to connect your paypal account to withdraw immediately.

What are terms and conditions?

A vendor need to be local producers and agree with our terms and condition for their secure green activity. please feel free to contact us for discussing about our terms and conditions.

We run Plastic-Free and Zero-Waste. Read more here why

How do we make money ?

We deliver products on our platform to our customer and sell our vendors products based on low commission fee. It’s totally free of charge to become vendor, advertise your product by adding to list of our category and sell to customers. you will not be charge at all. isn’t that awesome? introducing you a free online marketplace that you can earn exactly the price you wish to sell.


Support - How do i get help ?

You can always reach our customer service direct phone from 11:30 to 19:30 or send us an E-mail for technical service and help. our support team will solve your problems very quickly because our customer service is one our great values and we try to keep you always happy local by insuring your satisfaction. Our quality is the core of our business and your satisfaction contributes to measure of our quality.

You can also send us an E-Mail to [email protected] and we reply within 48h.

Why choosing us ?

Because we care about you. it doesn’t matter who you are, seller or buyer. We care about you as much as we do for others because we believe that we are all one. we sharing one house thats called mother earth which gives birth to all of its children and feed them air, water, food from its holly soil which create life nonstop in each form from one to another. she protects us and we may shall protect her.
You deserve the best. We strive to provide you the best by selecting each options consciously whenever we make a decision. This fundamental element of our concept will never change, we are green and everyday practice greener. We cut off plastic totally by using environment-friendly packages and practice zero-waste. Our products are all vegetarian since our concept is green and we try to raise public awareness about plant-based consumption. we  are trying to persuade people consuming local for many great benefits of local consumption.
Our products are 100% organic and naturally grown. we suggest you try liking their weird shapes and look because thats a confirmation for natural food.

Someone once said “if you find an insect in your vegetables be happy because that confirm their quality since other creatures would have a part.” we hope that won’t happen often to you but if you found one, feel lucky to trusting your food for acknowledging about their resources.