Bio beer – Funck Bricher x24


Funck Bricher (pack of 24)

We produce high quality beer At Funck-Bricher while committing to limit our ecological footprint:

All our ingredients are certified organic… because Nature does things well.
Our beer is vegan, guaranteed without any animal by-products in the brewing process… even the glues we use (labels, packs) are produced from starch!
it’s Funck!


The bottles are returnable. We also accept the returns, however you can get refund up to 35% extraΒ if you do yourself.
But if you want to return by Happy Local, please collect 24 bottles and let us know in the purchase note at checkout when ordering next time. We will then refund the price of collected bottles by a voucher to use next time when you purchase here.

Refund for 24 bottles by Happy Local = 2.50 EUR

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