Vegan food in Luxembourg

Vegan food luxebourg

Are you looking for VEGAN FOOD in Luxembourg ?

If you are already here, it means you are looking for a special vegan food in Luxembourg. Something healthy, planet-friendly but nutritious as well. right ?

I get that, being vegan in Luxembourg is not easy if you don’t know where are the happy food.ย Therefore, we created this vegan food guide for you to give a hint where you can have good experience in Luxembourg.

We will add more to this list soon. Stay tuned for a surprise as well. We are going to do something very new for plant-based food lovers in Luxembourg. The list is not based on favoritism and it will be rearrange based on your reviews soon.

1.ย GLOW

Located at the easy to reach neighborhood ofย Luxembourgโ€™s central station in Bonnevoie, servesย delicious food in a cozy and friendly atmosphere. Theyย serve a select choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes from all over the world, always caring for a local touch and your well-being. Coffee corner meets bakery meets healthy and fresh food! Their food has been rated best on our list by choice of vegan society in Luxembourg. Glow is usually open from 8:00 to 15:00 and Sunday brunch once a month (dates on their website).
Tell them where you found about them! they might offer you an additional coffee ๐Ÿ™‚
Vegan food in luxembourg

2. Nirvana Cafรฉ

Welcome to the Nirvana Station! Where soul food meets body.

There is something very special about this place. It’s not a fancy place with biggest balcony in Luxembourg. But it’s one of most favorite places of vegan society in Luxembourg. They used to have a lovely self-service vegan Indian buffet before the pandemic for a very reasonable price. But they serve daily lunch menu at the moment and open in the evenings as well. You can find very delicious Indian vegan food there and the staff are very nice as well. Nirvana is very close to central station of Luxembourg on the path to Hamilius.

Visit them ftom Monday to Saturday for lunch (and dinner in summer). They post lunch menu of the day on their Facebook page.

Vegan food luxembourg


Great juices, lovely plant-based burger, sweets and many unique choices to be find on their menu. Take me with you please ๐Ÿ™‚
There are two BEETs in Luxembourg. one located in the heart of city and another in the south at Belval University.
Local, seasonal and plant based!
BEET won’t disappoint you if you are like author of this guide a picky plant-based soul. They will serve you a nutrition balanced meal and meanwhile will make sure your meal looks enough great for an adorable Instagram story. (don’t forget to tag Happy Local)
Beet is only closed on Mondays and Tuesday evening. Feel free to visit them from noon to evening for lunch and dinner. You can also check their menu here.
Vegan food in luxembourg

4. Snack in joy

It’s located on the north side of Royal Hamilius in Luxembourg city, just in front of the Le Royal Hotel. There you can find many delicious vegan fast food such as burgers, Shawarma, side dishes and deserts.
Try the Vegan smoked mayonnaise with your fries and share with us your feedback.
Snack in Joy

5. Rucolino

Rucolino is the first Plant-based kitchen in Dudelange influenced by Italian roots in combination with a fantastic selection of wines. Try when you are around there. They are open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.
You will definitely enjoy your meal at Rucolino. They know how to satisfy you with delicious vegan food.
Vegan food in luxembourg

5.ย La Distillerie

Probably most of people who know this place, consider it number 1 vegan restaurant of Luxembourg. It has also won Michelin star and therefore quite famous world-wide. Consider it a different class of experience, top selection and hand-picked ingredients by one of the top chefs.
Art or food? Surely you get both there on your table. Enjoy and let us know about your experience.

6. Rawdish

Looking for Organic Vegan Food in Luxembourg? Then you should go to Rawdish. You can even find their ready-to-eat food in different shops. However, the restaurant is located at Place the Paris, Luxembourg City. The food are delicious as well as notorious.

7. Persian Food Boxย 

The restaurant is vegan friendly and not 100% vegan. But they have a separate menu of vegan which is very delicious and you will definitely love their food. You can choose different types of rice and kinda curry tops called Khorosht in Persian language which usually accompanies rice. You should try Vegan Fesenjoon which is made of pomegranate sauce and plenty of walnut or Vegan Ghorme Sabzi which is a very traditional Iranian food. You can also ask to get served for two different types of Khorosht in your RiceBox. Then the perfect match would be Vegan Qeyme and Ghorme Sabzi. These are my favourite combies! Try these out for lunch time when you are in Luxembourg city. The restaurant is located on top floor of Cafe interview at Royal Hamilius, open from 11:00 to 15:00.
The second branch is also opened inย Kirchberg,ย 7 Av. John F. Kennedy.
Iranian / Persian food Luxembourg

We will update this list, add content about packaging and review foods. stay tuned for more!ย 

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