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Seasonal vegetables luxembourg

You probably know seasonal local products are better but you might don’t have enough reason to consider it very important to eat seasonal.
When a fruit or vegetable is in season, it means that at that time of year it is at its peak. When you eat seasonally, your dependence upon local produce and local farmers increases thereby supporting them. At the same time, the need for transportation, refrigeration, and hot houses comes down making seasonal foods environment friendly.
The seasonal fruits and vegetables have all the vitamins and nutrients that our body needs in that particular season. So, it is wise to eat the fruits and vegetables when it’s their season because: The seasonal fruitsΒ and vegetables are affordable and since they are more abundant, you can stock them up. They are extremely beneficial to our health – they function as antioxidants, help detoxification, and can reduce DNA damage.
The seasonal produces requires minimum support in terms of fertilizers or pesticide since the condition to grow are provided and since it’s fresh no need to be covered in wax or preservatives. Nature is designed in such way to provide the required nutrition for us to stay healthy. Scientist believe we shouldn’t eat products which are out of season for nutritional reasons.
By eating local, seasonal foods you can help reduce the environmental costs associated with your food. Local produce is more likely to be ripened on the farm before being harvested and delivered therefore has betterΒ flavor. The seasonal local products doesn’t require cold chain transportation which has impacts on the quality of products compared to fresh harvests. It reduces waste of energy consumed for transportation and has minimum environmental cost. Consume locally, impact globally!
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If you own a restaurant


Seasonal vegetables luxembourg

How often do you change your menu? Do you change the menu with end of season or have a boring menu which whenever customer miss your food will come back? Keeping your menu refreshed and updated is more important than you think.


Menus are an opportunity to increase your business’ overall bottom-line because new and improved menus keep your business relevant to the market. It also shows your clientele that your restaurant meets current trends happening and keeps you on a different side of scene with a unique characteristic. This approach attracts new customers and re-engages first-timers. So keep it fresh and see more often your customers.
It presents your staff an opportunity to show off their creativity with seasonal ingredients on a regular basis. If you don’t have creative team, start with one seasonal option and add more after seeing the result. It helps you to keep the business on trend and to keep your menu always favorite. But don’t forget to taste your new dish first!
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