Basket of Bio Vegetables – Mini subscription


  • Looking for local vegetables in Luxembourg? Subscribe for weekly delivery of Bio seasonal vegetables from local farms in Luxembourg

    Order once, receive a basket every week from local farms for duration of 6 weeks. The basket contains seasonal ingredients and the weight depends on the ingredients types at the season. Free ECO-BAG when you subscribe!

    Subscribe to save time and money. Get delivery on schedule and on-time, directly from local farms to you every weeks. Connecting farm and technology to give you easy access to high quality local grown food in nearby farms. Our products have high food transparency since they are local products and traceable. The vegetables in this basket are all bio Certified. But it’s not just about food quality! You can find below more reasons for choosing local.

  • Green choice

What we choose to consume, has a lot of impact on the environment and beyond.
When we eat the fruits or vegetables traveled long distance in cold-chain transports, We use so much energy or better saying we loss so much energy and those create emissions such as water or air pollution. The fresh produce has to be packaged and most of time waxed for long distance shipment and storage until you buy them. Those food often are purchased in big amount and stored a long duration which impacts the edible values of food. Those food get harvest when they are not ready yet and therefore lacking taste. 1/3 of global food production is wasted every year and indeed a big portion is caused by supply chain mismanagement.


  • Premium quality

Eat up to 9 days more fresh by receiving our weekly basket !

But local food doesn’t need unnecessary packaging, you will get them well ripen and fresh harvest. Fridays, a selection of seasonal bio vegetable harvested just for you, delivery on time, fresh from farms without plastic or other sort of unnecessary packages…


  • Bio certified

    Enjoy the chemical free, GMO-FREE local vegetables with us, we care about your health as well as our beautiful planet! We trust the million years evolution of nature. Bio label allows us to makes sure the quality is controlled and about safety of food.



Our solution is on-demand and therefore zero waste. You order, farm prepares your basket and we deliver to you! Please return basket of previous week when you receive new delivery. Merci


  • Delivery

Please choose from the list your delivery location.

We deliver to you a basket of fresh seasonal vegetables from local farmers for duration of 6 weeks on every Saturday. Read about our plant-based bags here.


  • Pause, Cancel and Refund policy

Note please, our refund policy for basket subscription allows you only to cancel the subscription until 29 days after purchase date and request refund for the remaining period of the subscription.
If you would like to go holiday or for any reason would like to pause your subscription, you can always let us know at least 3 days before the delivery by sending an email to [email protected]


Basket of fresh seasonal vegetables from local farms in Luxembourg. Local is fresh and tasty. Enjoy our premium quality!

If you are new customer and would like to try before subscription, you can order try a basket. Order a basket for next delivery.

you can also subscribe for larger basket, get more for a little more! Checkout the 12 weeks large basket

Additional information

Weight 3,5 kg
Delivery to (canton)

Differdange, Dudelange, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg