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Are you looking for fresh bio vegetables in Luxembourg?

Our fresh bio vegetables are 100% local and Bio from Luxembourg. You can buy online directly from farms and we deliver your basket of seasonal vegetables and fruits without plastic in zero waste package.
Our vegetables and fruits are seasonal and therefore not stored in cold storages, you get fresh harvest of day or maybe couple days ago. We deliver all the orders on demand. Zero waste at retail phase is promised with us. We don’t keep any products and all your orders will be picked from farms on delivery day.
Here we don’t have green washing or food fraud. Our core values are being eco-friendly and transparent. Our vegetables are certified by “bio Lëtzebuerg“. There are many reasons we encourage consumer to buy local product. First of all, products grown locally are fresher and have better food transparency what resources are used. Second important point, Local products has minimum emission and loss due transportation and retail as well as less packaging is required.
Moreover, your money in the market is your power, your choice and voice. It’s like voting to a brand, a product, a mindset or values you care about. consume locally, impact globally. Join our solution and be the change.

We designed the best bag of planet for you! Each bag (AKA. leaf-basket) is uniquely hand-made by self-employed women and has been paid fair-wage for their production. The bags are 100% plant based, natural, biodegradable and compostable. You can read about the bag more here. Choose your favorite color of basket

Fresh Bio Vegetables
Fresh Bio Vegetables
Fresh Bio Vegetables
Fresh Bio Vegetables
Fresh Bio Vegetables
Fresh Bio Vegetables