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About our zero waste basketΒ 


For your online zero waste groceries! Our unique zero waste solution is plant-based, made of organic broadleaf cattail. No harm to nature, 100% vegan, biodegradable and HAND-MADE by women with love. Available now in several colors but limited stock, exclusively for Happy Local customers.

No plastic has been used to make our basket and neither any tree has been cut to create our plant based grocery bags. We only use the leaves with respect to the plant and roots. the leaf naturally dries and die by season and the ancestors of our artists use them for thousand of years to make these type of handcrafts there. It’s is very common in many different countries across the world to use this plant for handcraft.

We looked at every sustainable option and analyzed latest innovations to provide the best solution.

The cardboard boxes are not durable, not even sustainable even if recycled. In most cases they are not safe for direct food contact, so requires additional packages to be food grade. They contain many harmful minerals which are used during the production such as heavy metals (zinc, lead, cadmium, and chromium) and mineral oils. read this article to know more about health risks poses by “recycled cardboard packages”.

Although cardboard is much better than plastic but it’s not a good solution, neither.

Reusable plastic bags available in the market are made of plastic too, although they might be recycled or recyclable but why should we produce plastic to recycle when natural materials exist? In addition, plastics are only recyclable up to max 2 times, even recycled they are harmful since the plastic dust in form of nano-plastic and micro-plastic are real treat for all living beings on our planet. The better but yet not best alternative are the cotton bags, however they also require lots of land to produce and water to grow, mostly not fair-trade as well, unless certificated fair-trade.

Our circular solution allows you to return the basket when receiving new orders and we exchange the damaged baskets with a new one, FREE OF CHARGE. Β Please caution, don’t let the vegetables stay in the bag for long time since they are biodegradable and fresh products can damage their longevity. It’s also recommended to not leave them for very long duration under direct sunlight and only hand-wash Β with low temperature water, if necessary. Merci

This light weight basket is roughly less than 300 grams, washable by hand and durable up to 3 years at least if used with care. The organic plant-based material used for woven of the basket is from broadleaf cattail grown from only rain water near the Anzali Lagoon. It’s important to mention we didn’t use industrial organizations to buy our reusable baskets, although it was available in lower price. But in order to ensure the fair wage are paid to the producers, we found our producers in villages to create a fair-trade network.

Made of nature and safely biodegradable can return to nature. 100% organic and compostable. it can empower the soil to help production of your food. Β We will donate the damaged baskets to the farms producing your food.Β Order now and enjoy our zero waste solution

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Weight 0,300 kg
Dimensions 43 × 20 × 40 cm

Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow