Farm Basket – Bio Veggies & Fruits


Basket of fresh bio vegetables and fruits from farmers to you without plastic packaging in reusable eco-bag.

Eat healthy and fresh. Delivery every week on Saturday morning to you to enjoy best quality Bio ingredients at weekend and even prepare for Monday as well. Is it rainy or feeling lazy to go grocery? Skip all the queues with us!

Save time and enjoy our on-time delivery from farmers when you subscribe.


Basket of fresh bio vegetables and fruits
Duration of subscription: 4 weeks (choose the first delivery date at checkout or receive upcoming Saturday)

The basket contains varieties of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits. We try to include as many as local ingredients as possible depending to season. However during winter season our choice is limited and therefore we can’t have many local ingredients. However, we always make sure the ingredients are supplied from local Bio farmers and local bio farm shops. If you or your neighbours have local bio fruits for sell, please let us know.

We also try to consider biodiversity of our basket and you won’t receive every week same ingredients.

We use reusable eco-bag, made of natural material for our deliveries and you won’t need to pay for the eco-bag when you subscribe.
Please remember to return the basket next time when receiving new delivery.
We also would like to ask you to remove the vegetables as soon as possible from the basket when after receiving the delivery and store in right condition to keep the ingredients fresh. The vegetables and fruits can get damage faster if you keep in them in basket and it can also reduce the durability of our eco-bags.

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Weight 5,5 kg

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