Savons bio – lot découverte


savonnerie du Colibri  
Savons bio – lot découverte

Discover the bio, handmade and cold saponified soaps from Savonnerie du Colibri, made in Luxembourg.
This lot contains:

– 1 Pure Olive soap (Best for sensitive skin, pregnant women, small children, nourishing and antioxidant)
– 1 Apricot and Shea-butter soap (moisturizing, softening)
– 1 Coffee Exfoliating Soap (exfoliating, nourishing, antioxidant, antiseptic, toning)
– 1 Lavender and Geranium soap (soothing, softening, relaxing )
– 1 Mint soap (tonic, restructuring, freshness)

All oils and essential oils used in the production of these soaps are certified bio.