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Lëtzebuerger Bio Geméis

Basket of Fresh, Seasonal Bio vegetables from local farms in Luxembourg

This week 8 seasonal ingredients in our basket !  

You will get in our basket this week:: 

  • Potato / Pomme de terre/ Gromperen – 1/5 kg
  • Green Haricot / Haricot vert / Gréng Bounen  500 g
  • Zucchini / Courgette 1 kg 
  • Salad / Salade Batavia / Zalot – 1 pce
  • Eggplant Aubergine / Auberginen – 400 g
  • Carrot / Botte Carotte/ Muerten – 1 bunch
  • Fennel / Fenouil / Fenchel – 1 pce
  • Beetroot / Betterave/ Romelen – 500 g

Many more vegetables available to add in your basket as well. Select your favorites!

NO GMO, no chemical and toxic fertilizers, no plastic, no chemical pesticides, no waste !
Grown and harvested naturally, Fresh and Healthy.
We trust BIO, how about you?

The basket is seasonal, therefore it comes with different vegetables of season each time. The produces are freshly harvested from local farm in south of Luxembourg, grown naturally and responsibly. Order now and enjoy of high quality, zero km products in eco-friendly packages. We delivery to you in zero-waste and plastic-free packaging, please return the basket next time. you can also buy our zero waste basket to receive the order in our plant-based basket. check it out now, a limited quantity is available at the moment. You can select the ingredient of basket soon, we are adding a customizable basket for you. sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned.

Note: This basket is seasonal. The ingredients changes weekly, depending to harvest of farm. It reduces waste on farmer side when you allow them to give you seasonal rather than always buying what you most of the time purchase. We deliver orders on schedule from farms to consumers. our delivery solution allows to reduce the emission by doing all the deliveries on one tour based on shortest paths.

Please enter your zip code at checkout to get the delivery price to your address. You can choose your preferred delivery time at the checkout.  Read more here about our delivery. We are looking for local pickup point in different cities to provide you pickup possibility near your home.

This order needs 1 day preparation, please note order made on Friday will be delivery next week. Order latest by Thursday for same week delivery.

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Shop Online Seasonal Bio Vegetables From Local Farms

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Lëtzebuerger Bio Geméis


 Bio vegetables from local farms, Buy online and get delivery without plastic packaging, Friday on-time!

This basket contains 5 to 7 top selection of fresh seasonal and organic vegetables from farms in Mondorf and Esch-sur-Alzette. The basket is seasonal and the ingredients changes based on season. The weight is lower when there are more leafy veggies and heavier when for instance there are roots or pumpkin in the basket. The list gets updated every week Wednesdays. Please check the list below for seeing the ingredients in basket of this Friday and join our newsletter for getting the list of ingredients every week in your e-mailbox.

This week 6 seasonal ingredients in our basket !  

8 vegetables in the basket of this week

The ingredients in our basket this week are: 

  • Potato / Pomme de terre/ Gromperen – 1/5 kg
  • Green Haricot / Haricot vert / Gréng Bounen  500 g
  • Zucchini / Courgette 1 kg 
  • Salad / Salade Batavia / Zalot – 1 pce
  • Eggplant Aubergine / Auberginen – 400 g
  • Carrot / Botte Carotte/ Muerten – 1 bunch
  • Fennel / Fenouil / Fenchel – 1 pce
  • Beetroot / Betterave/ Romelen – 500 g

Some additional vegetables available to add in your basket as well…  Select your favourites before adding this product to your cart if you want more vegetables in the basket!

Please sign up to our newsletter to get list of our fresh vegetables weekly in your mailbox 

ORDER NOW, delivery on Friday. Local products has a better food transparency of how has been grown by whom. Local consumption has minimum emission and environmental footprint.

We deliver your orders in plastic-free package and practice zero-waste solutions to minimize our waste. The ingredients of our basket changes weekly and you get what is the fresh harvest of farm.
Fruits and vegetables which travel a long distance before consumption, usually aren’t ripen well and due to cold supply chain transport, loss the edible values. But also a large portion of food loss is caused by supply chain and retailers.

Zero Waste & Fresh

This basket is supplied from local farms in Luxembourg. Our deliveries are on-demand which allows us to reduce waste since we don’t stock the vegetables. Therefore, we are zero waste and our products are always fresh. Smell the fresh healthy soil when receiving our vegetables!
Food loss happens at the post-harvest level. Supply chain and retailers are responsible fora big portion of food loss.
* No cold-chain transport, neither retail waste when your orders are delivered on demand, fresh from local farms!

1/3 of food is wasted in the world. We try to reduce waste at every level such as packaging, supply and distribution. Our strategy allowing us to not have any food loss/waste during more than a year of our activity in Luxembourg. Since our deliveries are always done from farms to you on the delivery days. Fresh and tasty!
Reduce energy consummation, pollution, unnecessary packaging and food waste of food transportation. Join our growing community and become a part of the solution.



Our delivery is based on shortest path and lowest emission, using smart algorithm of google map. our deliveries are on-schedule Fridays and you can choose your preferred delivery time. The price of delivery is dynamic and not included in the price. Please enter your address after adding the basket to your cart at checkout to see the delivery fee to your address.

Note: This basket is seasonal. The ingredients changes weekly, depending on harvest of farm. Eating seasonal has many health advantages, we invite you to read this article if you want to know about benefits of seasonal food. Buy now and try the premium quality of food. Tasty, Fresh and healthy! Happy Local.

Please join our newsletter, we will send you updates, special offers and list of the ingredients in this basket every week on Wednesday.

Happy Local plant based baskets

If you already have our bag, please choose the option ” I have already a bag ” and return the bag upon receiving your new delivery. Otherwise, if you don’t have one of our zero waste bags, please purchase once to always receive the vegetables in our eco-conscious bag made of 100% plant material.

Our circular solution help to reduce packaging waste such as paper, wooden crates, plastic bags, cardboard and etc.

Subscribe for weekly basket 

You can also subscribe for weekly basket to receive a basket every week for 3 months (12 weeks), on schedule and on time. Free delivery in Esch-sur-alzette and Mondorf-les-bain by farm on Friday mornings. Find more information here.

The products are supplied from Den Escher Geméisguart, Jardin Kalendula, CIGL Esch. Learn more about them 

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Weight 4 kg

5 to 6 ingredients, MIX BOX

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